Bride’s Morning Checklist

Bride’s Morning Checklist

Lucy – Photography by Christopher Bell

During the final few days leading up to your wedding you will probably feel like you are being pulled in a million directions.

As a Bride, it is so easy to focus on the day itself and put yourself at the bottom of the list.

This is NOT allowed!

You are the Bride and you are everyone’s priority.

Make sure you bump yourself back up to that top position.

Whilst all the hustle and bustle is all around you it can be hard to think straight. This is exactly why we wanted to put together this clear list of everything you may need the morning of your wedding.  We have done all the hard thinking for you!

Jess– Photography by Dan Biggins

1. A Touch Up Bag

This is a little makeup bag with all the bits you may need ‘on the go’ during the day.

Bits like hair grips, lipstick, powder, maybe a mini hairspray, are always a good idea.

Pop anything in you might need on hand for a touch up just before those all important portrait shots.

2. The Final Touches

It is always a good idea to have bits like your perfume and your jewellery all together ready for the photographer to display and take their detail shots.

Often this may feature a personal keepsake, for example a grandmother’s brooch.

Gemma– Photography by Jodie Donovan

3. Food glorious food!

It is always an early start for the ladies!

You will have a long day ahead so it is very important you fuel yourself the morning of.

Make sure you are prepared with breakfast on hand. Fruit and pastries always go down well.

Scott Anderson our caterer also offer lovely breakfast platters you can pre-order to be brought in the salon for you ladies to graze.

4. The other type of fuel! Bubbles!

Ladies, your wedding morning is one of the only mornings you can pop a bottle open at 9.00am and nobody will bat an eyelid!

We say, make the most of it!

A couple of mimosas throughout the morning to calm the nerves has never hurt anyone!

5. A Bridal Prep Playlist!

Blast those 90’s tunes and get the party started! It is Wedding Day ladies!

We think it’s a crime not to feature the Spice Girls at least once. Just our opinion…but also a very valid one.

Photography by Alexa Kelly

6. The Traditions, we all want the best luck possible on our wedding day!

Something Old – Represents a link to the past.

Something New – A signal of optimism and hope for the couples’ future.

Something Borrowed – Said to bring good luck from another happily married individual.

Something Blue – A colour believed to ward off evil while also being a sign of love and fidelity.

A Sixpence In Your Shoe – Brings prosperity to the couple.

7. Dress prep items

Things like decorative hangers to hang your wedding dress and the bridesmaid dresses up.

Will you need a steamer for your dress?

There are some great affordable handheld steamers on Amazon for the last minute top ups.

Is it a button back? In which case a crochet hook will be your best friend.

Ashleigh and Joe– Photography by James Davies

8. Bridesmaid gifts

Unless you have plans to present these during speeches, the Salon is the perfect setting to give your gifts to your bridesmaids. (Get all the tears out the way before the makeup goes on!)

Often these consist of personalised gowns, slippers or a piece of jewellery.

9. Shoes

Don’t forget the all important bridal shoes…along with blister plasters and heel protectors. It is always a good idea to bring a pair of comfies for when the dancing begins!

10. Something to keep you warm... fashionably of course!

If you are having a winter wedding, this is a must.

Fur shrugs have been a big hit this winter and look so elegant!

We also love personalised jackets! Whether they are leather or denim they add that edge to your look.

Ashleigh and Joe– Photography by James Davies

11. An SOS kit

It’s always a good idea to bring mints and deodorant to keep fresh.

Your coordinator will always be prepared with a needle and thread not far away! We have tissues on hand also for any happy tears.

12. Last but not least.... The Dress!

Too obvious? Maybe, but we couldn’t miss it off our list.


Hopefully all our lovely brides will find this useful!

Please remember we have always got your back.

Any queries please do not hesitate to contact us for advice. 

By Sophie, Wedding Co-ordinator at Winters Barns


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