Mr and Mrs Fisher- Sunday 3rd April 2022

Mr and Mrs Fisher- Sunday 3rd April 2022

On Sunday 3rd April 2022 Sarah Fisher woke as Sarah Louise Jones for the very last time.

Her and her amazing Bride Tribe arrived at Winters Barns first thing to let the pampering commence within the walls of our luxury Salon. Today Sarah was the Bride!

Sarah and Mike first stepped foot in Winters Barns on the 20th June 2020 when they came to a viewing after finding Winters Barns online. From the get go Sarah and Mike made it clear that their little girl Annabelle who is their pride and joy was to be a massive part of their day. At this point she was only five months old.

When we asked Sarah and Mike about their initial impressions of the barns we were truly blown away by their response.

“Breath-taking. Really considerate in the sense that there was somewhere for both the bridal and grooms party to get ready. The space had such an amazing fluidity to it, very well presented and the staff were exceptional. We really wanted a barn wedding from the beginning and Winters Barns encompassed every element we wanted to include.”

Sarah and Mike booked the date on 1st July 2020.

Let’s go into a bit of their story which led them to this point.

Sarah and Mike’s relationship started the same way many of us now find love. Trusty Tinder! The power of the right swipe brought them together.

(I promise we aren’t sponsored!)

“I honestly can’t remember who messaged first. But I guess we both swiped right”

Sarah explained how she was finally at the point where she was happy in her own company, then Mike spun this around!

After their first date Sarah rang her bestie opening with the lines “I’m in trouble”, Sarah’s friend knew exactly what she meant. I actually think we all know exactly what she meant!

Love comes when you least expect it, after all.

Their relationship continued to blossom, along with the arrival of the lovely Annabelle.

It was one day when Sarah decided to make a date night jar for her and Michael it progressed even further!

“We had a six-month-old at the time so finding time to just be together was difficult”

I am sure this is something many couples can relate to. “Not to mention it was Lockown.1!”

“The note I placed at the bottom of the jar said ‘Plan our Wedding?’”

When Mike read this he said “Yeah of course we can!”

Sarah understandably got “stupidly excited”, of course, who doesn’t plan their wedding in their head form the age of 12 right?!?

The next morning brought to light that there may have been a few crossed wires! Mike took this gesture from Sarah as a proposal, Sarah on the other hand certainly didn’t. She wanted Mike to get down on one knee!

They had a few ring discussions then to Sarah’s surprise one day, Mike got it delivered to their house!

Sarah had to sign for the ring knowing exactly what it was and not peep! The torture!

Mike kept Sarah waiting for weeks.

It was Saturday 13th when Mike arranged a picnic with Sarah and Annabelle.

He played their song, got down on one knee and popped the question!

Sarah said “It was quaint and perfect.”

“We both cried, and Annabelle giggled because we kissed!”

13th played a special part in their relationship with discovering Sarah’s pregnancy on the 13th, their first date being on the 13th and now a proposal!

Once a venue was secured the planning process commenced!

What were their initial plans?

“We knew we wanted to include Marvel in our wedding as we are both big fans. One of our first dates was a movie night at nine watching Endgame.”

Sarah was crowned a DIY bride! “I decided early on I wanted to make as much as possible so automatically ended up with a rustic theme”

Mike always knew he didn’t want a suit and tie so alternative ideas were thrown round early on.

Mike was sold by the Braces and Bow tie look!

Any wedding mishaps along the way?

Don’t mention the dress!

I think it is fair to say Sarah didn’t have the smoothest ride finding her dream dress!

Wedding dress shopping is a big deal and being in a room of beautiful dresses can be a bit of a whirl wind!

The first dress, Sarah “was so overwhelmed and mistook that for ‘the feeling’.”

“I then took it back and swapped it for something way too small in the hopes of shifting baby weight.”

“I hated myself in all the pictures! I broke down to Mike and told him after trying to convince myself otherwise for weeks and weeks. He was supportive and said I could get a new dress.”

Sarah and Mike had to juggle their budget to afford the new dress.  We love how when asking Sarah about her dress dilemmas she was so open and transparent!

Don’t pressure yourself to fit an image in your head for your wedding. Pick something “you” that you are going to feel beautiful, comfortable, and proud in on your wedding day.

You have to feel good to look good!

The dress dramas didn’t end here!

Sarah’s final dress broke four weeks before the wedding.

“At the time it was heart breaking but now it’s kinda funny.”

She took her mothers-in-law and sister-in-law to practice getting her in it at the final dress fitting. “For some reason we just could not do it and we tried for a very long time! Buttons fell off, beading fell off, ribbon stuck in the zip that then had to be cut, the hook and eye broke!”

Sarah’s sister-in-law came to the rescue and took it in and fixed it for Sarah so that it was perfect…

…Until just after wedding breakfast on the day!

“I asked my bridesmaids to help me loosen the elastic inside the dress and the hook and eye pinged off AGAIN! Must be my massive boobs! She had to safety pin the zip to stay up. We were all squeezed into the disabled toilet to try and keep my dress done up! She saved the day though even if she did stab me a couple times with the safety pin. Still not sure if that was on purpose!”

The Big Day!

Busy from the start!

Sarah and her bridal party were here first thing in the salon with Kent Wedding Hair by Karlie and Kate Banyard in control of the girls’ hair and makeup. Sarah had a team of five bridesmaids who wore classy longline navy dresses with her lovely daughter Annabelle as her flower girl looking pretty in white.

The bubbles were flowing whilst they enjoyed their breakfast platter which they booked in with Scott Anderson.  The room was alive with excitement!

The Barns were also full of life with Ellouise from Flowers by EG adding some gorgeous spring florals.

The Little Cake Box arrived to deliver the all-important cake.

Followed by The Wedding Chaps delivering their garden Games and Light up Love letters.

Mike arrived with his army of ushers to get ready in the Pump Room.

Once ready, Mike had a really special moment with his daughter.

He had arranged with their wedding coordinator, Lizzie, to have a First Look with his daughter Annabelle.

Annabelle greeted him with a big cuddle which was enough to bring a tear to anyone’s eye!

It was then time for Sarah’s Dad, Steven, to see Sarah in her dress for the first time.

You can see from the beaming smile on their faces this is a moment they’ll remember forever.

There was a last-minute panic when Sarah couldn’t find the back of her earring but without a second thought Lizzie offered the back of her’s. That’s what wedding coordinators are for after all!

Sadly, Sarah’s Mum passed away six weeks before the wedding, so this was still raw for them both. There was a lovely moment during the ceremony where the sun shone directly on Sarah’s Mum’s flowers which had been laid on her reserved ceremony seat. A few tears were shed.

Not to fear, Annabelle soon turned these tears to laughter!

When asked about a moment that caused laughter Sarah responded

“So, our two-year-old daughter was our flower girl. She ended up standing on stage with us at the alter which was lovely! But, where she didn’t have a vest on under her dress, her nappy was so heavy that when she squatted to do a wee, it was round her ankles and she weed all over the stage whilst we were signing the register! Sarah’s Dad very quickly came into action and mopped it up whilst Mike took Annabelle for a prompt bum change! “

It was hilarious looking back! Being a parent and at your wedding isn’t always easy!

Reception drinks followed and the sun remained out meaning guests got to mingle in the gorgeous courtyard whilst enjoying the canapés.

This was followed by a three-course wedding breakfast.

“During the wedding breakfast, we took a few minutes to sit on the windowsill and just watch everyone. These were some of the best minutes of the wedding! Just watching all of those you care about and love, who have come to the wedding because they love YOU, enjoy themselves and being happy. Especially with everything that has been going on over the last few years, it was an amazing thing. Soak it all in because it goes by so fast.”

Sarah went on to give some truly beautiful advice to couples who will be missing a parent or relative at their wedding.

“To anybody missing a parent or relative at their wedding, they will make themselves known to you. There were so many rainbows during our day, and we knew it was Mum as it hadn’t been raining!”

“Your day will still be incredible; your love will be stronger, and you will be happy! It’s tough, emotional, and heart-breaking, but they would have wanted you to be happy and have the most perfect day so that’s what you do! “

Following the speeches after the meal, Sarah and Mike decided they wanted to do a quiz. The Quiz Master was our one and only Lizzie!

This led into Cake Cutting and the First Dance.

The evening reception kick started with a crisp wall, sweetie table, photobooth, and DJ!

The couple had our package DJ, The Wedding Chaps. Sarah decided against a bouquet throw, instead they had a Whiskey and Champagne toss later in the evening!

It was one hell of a party!

Sarah and Mike’s top tip to couples planning a wedding:

“Don’t rush the planning! We planned our entire wedding before Sarah’s maternity leave was over. (We got engaged in June and she went back in October) and so many things changed between then and the wedding.  A lot of things stayed the same too but it’s very easy to see something else that’s beautiful or would suit the day better which ends up being quite costly.

Also, do everything for YOU and not for others! Even your bridal party, it’s about the two of you and the love you have for each other. Nothing else.”

What a lovely note to end on.

Sarah and Mike truly did have a special day that celebrated them as a team.

Supplier List:

Bride and Groom: Sarah and Michael Fisher

Photographer: Christopher Bell

Videographer: Confetti Productions

Caterer: Scott Anderson

Florist: Flowers by EG

Cake: The Little Cake Box

Hair Stylist: Kent Wedding by Karlie

Makeup Artist: Kate Banyard

Garden Games: The Wedding Chaps

Photobooth: TJ Photobooths

DJ: The Wedding Chaps – Harry Kilb

By Sophie, Wedding Co-ordinator at Winters Barns


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