The Wedding Dictionary

The Wedding Dictionary

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Now, no one said planning a wedding was easy!

Navigating through the wedding world can sometimes feel like learning a foreign language!

Being immersed in the industry 24/7 means there are many terms that just roll off suppliers’ tongues which you may have never come across before! Why would you?

Planning a wedding isn’t something you do on a regular basis.

We have put together this post as a little handbook of terms which you may hear in the process of planning your wedding. Hopefully this will help it all make a bit more sense!

If you are ever a little confused during a meeting or discussion along your wedding planning journey, always stop and ask your suppliers! I promise you most couples are in the same boat.

We will start with the most common term not known by couples:

The Wedding Breakfast

To anyone who ever associated this with eggs and bacon we totally get it!

We have lost track of the number of times when couples view our Wedding Breakfast Barn for the first time we hear “So if breakfasts in here, where do we have dinner?”

The ‘Wedding Breakfast’ is your main meal on the day, usually three courses of your choice.

The name dates way back when traditionally the wedding ceremony was held after mass, the whole wedding party would fast before mass and so for the bride and groom, this was their first meal.

The first meal as a married couple, your Wedding Breakfast!

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The Father Reveal

This is a special moment once the Bride is dressed where the Father sees his daughter as a Bride for the first time.

Make sure you have the tissue at the ready! This is an emotional moment!

If it is not your Father walking you down the aisle, you can do this with who ever is fulfilling the role.

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First Look

Now, this is more of a modern element that is gradually becoming more and more popular.  This term is floating over social media a lot!

You may know traditionally the couple cannot see each other the morning of their wedding until they meet at the top of the aisle.

However, a first look allows for you and your partner to share an intimate moment before the ceremony where you see each other for the first time. It will allow you to share this special moment together in a more private setting.

Your co-ordinator will be happy to arrange this for you. We have seen many beautiful moments previously using areas like our Farmhouse Lounge and behind our beautiful Barns doors. The choice is yours!

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Bridal Procession

Basically, this is the traditional term referring to your bridal entrance into the ceremony.

Your Bridal Procession is the order in which you and all your bridal party walk down the aisle.

During your Final Details Meeting (usually held six weeks before your wedding date) your wedding coordinator we will ask you for the order you would like all your Flower girls, Page boys and Bridesmaids to walk down the aisle.

In the last-minute rush before walking down the aisle it is nice for us to be able to get everyone in order if needed.

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The opposite of the Procession!

This is at the end of the ceremony where you and your new Husband or Wife exit the ceremony back down the aisle married! You are followed shortly after by your wedding party.  

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Boutonniere and Corsage

Boutonniere is a small collection of flowers worn on the groom’s left lapel of your tuxedo or suit jacket. You’ll often hear this referred to as a ‘Buttonhole’.

A Corsage is the lady’s version which is often either tied to their right wrist or pinned on the right-hand side of their outfit with the stem facing up.

Your wedding coordinator will be happy to help make sure these are all in the right places the morning of the wedding!

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Receiving Line

A receiving line is a term you may hear during your planning.

Going back in time, every wedding had a receiving line. It was used to kick-off the wedding reception in the 90’s and earlier. It is the opportunity to greet and thank every guest as they enter your reception space.

We have definitely seen these phase out over the recent years, however some couples still choose to have one.

If you’re going to have a receiving line, there are two options for timing.

The first is immediately following the ceremony. Once you’ve shared your first kiss and walked down the aisle, stand by the exit of the ceremony so all of your guests will see you as they leave.

The Second is as guests enter the Wedding Breakfast Room. You would stand by the Wedding Breakfast Barn entrance and greet all guests as they enter to find their seat before the meal.

You are often joined by both sets of parents.

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Sweetheart Table

I am sure you are all familiar with a Top Table which usually features the married couple, their parents and sometimes the Best Man and Maid of Honour. It is usually in the centre of the room, facing all the guests.

A Sweetheart Table is the same principle but only features the married couple. It offers a bit of intimacy for the couple during the seated dinner. It is often the only private time you may get on your big day!

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Throwing Bouquet

So many Brides are torn between doing a bouquet throw at their wedding or preserving their gorgeous bouquets.

If this is you, a throwing bouquet may be your answer!

This is a mini version of your bouquet which is made for the intention of throwing! It means you get the fun of having all your ladies together for the throw and your precious bouquet stays intact.

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Now we hope that cleared up a few things!

If you can think of any other terms that may need to be included in our ‘Wedding Dictionary’ please drop us an email on [email protected]


There are MANY traditions that will be thrown in front of you when planning your wedding. Weddings are exciting for everyone involved and often family members and friends can make a lot of suggestions!

Don’t lose sight of the day you and your partner dreamt of. At the end of the day, its 2022, weddings are constantly evolving and no two look the same as far as we are concerned. Make your day unapologetically you.

By Sophie, Wedding Co-ordinator at Winters Barns


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